Your content is serving no one.

It's time to move away from putting out stale content and expecting BOSS results from your BASIC marketing. 



And you're feeling underwhelmed with Instagram lately. It seems like everyone around you is doing so well with their content, and you're showing up in similar ways -- educating your audience, giving value, and even showing up consistently. But something feels stagnant and inauthentic about your brand. 

Your content IS FALLING SHORT.

You crave something deeper.

If your content doesn't make a impactful impression, your ideal client will continue to overlook you.

Just showing up is no longer enough. Your audience is craving IMPACT, INFLUENCE, and INTERSECTIONALITY,
and you:

Have so much to offer and so much to say about the journey that brought you to today, and there are so many reasons to share it, but you're unsure of where to start.

Admire the candor of other brands who talk and educate openly on their why and candidly speak on their experiences, and want to attract leads who not only appreciate your expertise but align with your brand's core values. 

Are ready to establish a successful brand that exudes confidence in authenticity, highlights the intersections of your identity, maintains strong values and is, truly, unfuckwithable.

When marketing yourself on a platform filled with people who do the same thing you do, the deciding factor isn't simply your skill or ability to provide the service.

It’s time you step out from behind the screen and establish a brand that empowers both yourself and your audience through authentic and sustainable connection.

The "Stifled to Seen"

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VIP Day Experience

A unique experience to help you conceptualize real, raw, and relatable Instagram content that highlights your brand's foundational core values, embraces the intersections of your identities, and ignites and attracts your aligned client.

Each VIP Day experience is customized to your needs and goals  whether you are a service provider, influencer, or coach, the framework works!



I used to be frustrated about the not knowing the right tricks to increasing my exposure on Instagram. Tameka had me focus on specifics elements of my strategy, like how to best use hashtags, getting clear on my brand messaging, and specifying my ideal client and audience. Immediately following my session, my content saw a 56% increase in reach on Instagram with my best performing feed content attracting over a dozen followers at once! My biggest takeaway during my strategy session with Tameka is the importance of understanding who you are trying to attract with your content, which will then lead to bringing in customers who are looking for your specific product/offer. I also think that is it totally possible to be 99.9% yourself and be able to make honest and good money.




Before working with Tameka, I was always stuck in analysis paralysis when it was time to post content. I never knew what to post and spent hours trying to come up with captions. It was the main reason I did not show up consistently on socials and I knew that impacted my revenue goals. Tameka taught me how to brainstorm and organize my content so that I can plan content in advance to prevent wasting hours trying to wing it on the spot day after day. There was minimal engagement with my content before our strategy session. After our strategy session, I posted a series of posts specific using the strategy we worked on. The first post received 796 likes, 25 comments, 582 shares, and 311 saves. The second post received 243 likes, 7 comments, 131 shares, and 112 saves. The third post of the series received 255 likes, 19 comments, 112 shares, and 83 saves. I was literally blown away!




I came to Tameka because I noticed how often my content fluctuated. Some days I would post content that would perform really well and other times, I would barely see any engagement. I averaged about 30-40 likes per post, with about 6 comments on each post. Saves and sends were non existent on my platform. Since working with Tameka, I have revamped how I think about my brand. Tameka took the time to help me outline my brand's mission, purpose, themes, and identity. I am now able to operate my brand from a place of authenticity, making sure every post aligns with ME and my target audience, so that I don't inadvertently create content that doesn't satisfy those areas. This is what has led to burnout in the past so I constantly find myself referring back to the work from my sessions to ensure I'm aligned.


on your vip day...

Create a well-organized and focused intensive where we create a comprehensive Instagram content marketing strategy that you can use to inform your content and sales indefinitely.

Walk through re-establishing the brand and developing the associated content pillars and content ideas.

Conceptualize up-to-90 pieces of Instagram content upfront




We get clear on what fuels your passion, and how you can translate that passion into an impactful Instagram community. We walk through every facet of using Instagram for Business -- tackling elements like brand identity and personality, maintaining brand core values, creating content for your audience vs. your ideal client, and establishing a strategy that meets your income and impact goals.




30, 60, 90 DAY CHECK-INS





 During our calls, I really sought Tameka's guidance on how to best design my posts to really reach my ideal audience. She was very creative and very helpful in organizing the content that I made available. She walked me through how to rebrand my bio so it could really reach my ideal client and have great representation regarding what my page is about. My Instagram has grown significantly through our work. I’m getting more visibility and there is much growth in my audience, authenticity, and engagement overall.




I came to Tameka with goals of increasing my brand awareness on Instagram. At the time, my content was all over the place, no structure, a mess. I initally thought my issue with Instagram was learning how to overcome the algorithm but Tameka taught me to overlook this and instead focus on strategy and having a content plan. Once we began diving deep into creating a strategy that aligned with my goals, I was able to visualize all the different ways to show up on Instagram to maintain my brand presence and increase my social connection with my audience. The response has been amazing! I've steadily gained more supporters and now get great engagement. Her content organization system on Trello is also still a big part of my content creation process.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my VIP day experience?

Upon confirming your VIP day session date and time (with a deposit), you will receive pre-work via email designed to prepare you for the first half of our day together. This pre-work will be due to Tameka about 3 business days before your session. 

Will you create my strategy and content for me?

No, not at all. Our VIP day is a collaborative session where I lead you through my framework for creating an effective strategy and creative content. We do the work together, as a team.

How will you support me after my session?

I'll be your biggest fan, of course! I'll be on the look out for your content and progress and check in with you periodically to ensure your strategy is performing to your standards. We will also connect 30, 60, and 90-days post VIP Day to as well.

What is included in the VIP day as a whole?

We map out your ongoing Instagram strategy,  curate up-to-90 days of Instagram content upfront, provide a reusable roadmap to outlining and auditing an your Instagram marketing strategy, free hashtag bundle and VIP day workbook. 

How will my VIP day be conducted?

VIP days are conducted via Zoom using audio and visual capabilities. You are expected to arrive on time, with your pre-work completed and workbook in hand.  Also, limit distractions to allow for a seamless experience.

I'm ready!